Find the right training plan for your next 120km race

Level up your running game with the right 120km training plan and set a new personal best in your next race. Explore all the best 120km running races near you and in the world.

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Get ready for your next 120km race with a personalized 120km training plan

No matter whether you’re looking to prepare for your first 120km race, run a faster 120km, or shave a few seconds off your personal best, we’ve got you covered.

Find the best training plan for your goals:

Create your very own personalized 120km running program based on your running ability, schedule, and preferences.

Each plan adjusts to your current performance and goals and comes with live coaching, optional strength training, and plenty of tips to help you become a better runner. Plus, you can sync Runna with your smartwatch and Strava to keep track of your progress.

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Take your running to the next level

Your personalized running coach with tailored training plans to achieve your goals, from running a faster 5k to finishing your first marathon.

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