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10 Running Routes in Los Angeles For Every Kind of Runner

Welcome to the ultimate running routes in the City of Angels....

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If the City of Angels had a soundtrack, it would be the rhythmic pounding of sneakers on sidewalks. That’s because Los Angeles isn't just a city; it's a playground for runners of all spots and stripes. From the sun-soaked beaches to the urban jungles to the trail-packed hills, LA's diverse landscapes offer a canvas for every kind of running vibe. Whether you're wanting to jog past waves, earn those hilltop views, or immerse yourself in the city's cultural beat, LA is the ultimate destination for pounding the pavement and experiencing the rush of the run.

And to help you pick the perfect route, we've scoured the city to bring you the top 10 running routes that cater to every stride in the sprawling paradise of LA.

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Santa Monica Beach Path

Experience: Beach Bliss

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Road

Picture this: the morning sun warming your skin, the waves gently crashing mere meters away, and the feel of endless sugar sands underfoot. Yeah, the Santa Monica Beach Path offers an easy-breezy road run that's absolutely perfect for beginners. With the shimmering Pacific Ocean as your running partner, every stride is a sandy salute to SoCal's laid-back lifestyle.

Griffith Park Trails

Experience: Hollywood Hustle

Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging

Type: Trail

For those craving more of an urban adventure with a touch of Tinseltown glamor, the Griffith Park Trails are your ticket to new core memories. From moderate to challenging trails, this iconic spot offers heart-pounding climbs and iconic views, including the Hollywood sign that beckons you from the hilltops. Lights, camera, run!

Runyon Canyon

Experience: Sweaty Success

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Type: Trail

This is one for every go-getter and fitness enthusiast because Runyon Canyon is pretty much a natural gym, except it has some of the most epic trails you can imagine. This one is not just a run; it's a challenge to conquer those inclines and celebrate the cityscape panoramas once you reach the peak. Sweaty selfies? Absolutely encouraged.

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

Experience: Tranquil Escape

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Type: Trail

If you’re looking to break free from the city and escape the urban hustle, Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area is about to become your happy place. A peaceful paradise packed with serene trails and calming lakes, this route offers a gentle option for both beginners and those looking to unwind. More than a run, get ready for a journey to serenity through some of the lushest greenery.

Palos Verdes Peninsula Trails

Experience: Coastal Expedition

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Type: Trail

Adventure seekers, assemble. Palos Verdes Peninsula Trails is part-running route and part-soul-stirring selfie spot. Throwing up horizon-reaching coastal vistas, bluffside tracks, and rugged paths that promise a challenge as rewarding as the views, you’ll want to head here with your sneakers and explore the coastal magic while your feet tackle the trail with determination.

The Venice Canals

Experience: Bohemian Delight

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Road

Step into a bohemian fantasy as you run along the enchanting Venice Canals. That’s right. The iconic Venice Canals. A relatively easy road run, this route winds its way through some stunning scenes, past picturesque bridges and alongside some seriously incredible waterfront homes, to give you a blend of culture and fitness. And because the Venice vibes are infused each stride, you can be sure you’ll create a unique and memorable experience.

Echo Park Lake Loop

Experience: Family Fitness

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Road

Families, this route is tailor-made for you. That’s right. The Echo Park Lake Loop is a family-friendly road run that combines fitness with quality bonding time, making it the ideal place to get your young ones into running. Boasting stroller-friendly paths, playful playgrounds, and paddle boats for an end of run treat, you can make this loop an awesome adventure for all ages.

Griffith Observatory Trail

Experience: Celestial Sojourn

Difficulty: Moderate

Type: Trail

Possibly our favorite route of the bunch, the Griffith Observatory Trail is as much a celestial journey as it is an enjoyable run. Made for those with moderate trail running skills, this route not only treats you to fantastic views of the city and the stars above, but also immerses you in the iconic allure of one of LA's most treasured landmarks. 

Lake Hollywood Reservoir Trail

Experience: Hollywood Hills Haven

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Type: Trail

Get ready to lace up your shoes and then pick up the pace alongside the world-famous Hollywood Hills. Possibly one of the most iconic spots in all of California, the Lake Hollywood Reservoir Trail is that easy-slash-moderate trail run that's perfect for taking in those iconic views of the Hollywood sign, snapping a few sweaty-but-smiley selfies and then pausing for a elongated breath beside the serene lake that mirrors the city's magic.

Silver Lake Reservoir Loop

Experience: Running Paradise

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Road

For those who are looking to find solace in Silver Lake's seriously cool vibes, the Silver Lake Reservoir Loop is pretty much the ideal running route. Taking you along some of the easiest road runs, this is a route with plenty to stare at as you jog on by. Think trendy coffee shops, independent art galleries, and the neighborhood's indie charm that is so synonymous with this area, all while you clock up those miles.

To Sum Up The Running Routes of LA

From sandy shores to rugged trails, Los Angeles has a running route for every runner's fantasy. So lace up your sneakers, choose your adventure, and embark on a journey that's equal parts exercise and sightseeing. After all, this city's diverse terrain deserves to become your playground, savored with every stride. And to cap it all off, there’s the Los Angeles Marathon; one of the biggest events in the USA. 

Thanks for reading our guide to the best running routes around Los Angeles. For more running insights, inspirations, stories and techniques, follow us on Instagram to take your runs to the next level.

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