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The Runna Team's Favorite Running Shoes

Top picks from our epic team of running-addicts...

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The best thing about running is how easy it is. You just need to lace up your shoes and you’re ready to attack the asphalt. But that’s exactly what makes the right pair of running shoes so important. They’re your secret weapon to success, your fast-track to better performance and the only way to provide your feet with comfort, support, and an enhanced experience. And with so many new advancements when it comes to technology and design, let us tell you, 2023 has brought a fresh wave of innovative running shoes that are well worth adding to your locker. 

So, to help you pick the perfect pair, we asked our team of running coaches, pavement pounders and jogging enthusiasts to curate a selection of their favorite running shoes, designed to cater to various running styles, terrains, and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, you’ll find your perfect match in this brief blog. Let’s do it:

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39

We had to kick things off with our marketing maestro’s favorite pair of speedsters: The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39, a shoe that continues to impress with its responsive cushioning and lightweight design. And now that it comes with an updated upper for that enhanced breathability and a smooth transition, this versatile shoe might just be the perfect answer for your daily training and longer runs.

Adidas Solar Control

Alright, let us tell you about the Adidas Solar Control. Ready? It's like strapping pure energy to your feet. That’s what they feel like. Seriously. These kicks are the turbo boosters of running shoes thanks to their cushiony cloud-like soles and the way they grip the ground. The only way we can describe it is, well, it’s like they're giving Mother Earth a high-five with every step. Plus, they look so slick that even your shadow will want to steal 'em. So, lace up those Solar Controls and get ready to outrun unicorns ‘cos these shoes are pure magic. And if that’s not enough to sway you, they’re also the favorite of Runna Coach (and Olympian), Steph Davis.

Asics Novablast 3

For speed demons and race-day enthusiasts, the Asics Novablast 3 is a game-changer. The cushioning is an absolute dream to experience on those longer runs, while the energy you get in return is like your feet have just discovered caffeine. But our favorite feature might be the range of colors that are like a rave for your shoes. So, whether you're chasing that personal best or just outrunning Monday blues, these Novablast 3s will have you breaking records and breaking it down on the track. P.s. they’re Beth Potter’s weapon of choice, and she knows what she’s talking about. 

Hoka One Clifton 10

Known for its maximalist cushioning, the Hoka One One Clifton 10 continues to offer plush comfort and excellent shock absorption. The shoe's lightweight construction and smooth transition make it a top choice for long-distance runners looking for superior cushioning (we’re talking marshmallow-level cushioning) without sacrificing speed. As for the colors, well, there’s something wow-factor for everyone, whatever your vibe. 

ASICS Gel-Nimbus Lite 3

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus Lite 3 isn't just a shoe; it's a must-have secret weapon in your running arsenal. It’s a pair of shoes that every runner needs in their locker. Facts. That’s because they combine comfort and sustainability like never before, and with its lightweight and breathable design, coupled with ASICS' renowned Gel cushioning technology, you’ll be rewarded for this epic with a comfortable and eco-friendly shoe option. Your next run just got even more awesome.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v13

How the heck do we describe one of the best shoes to hit the market in recent years? Hmmmm. Oh, how about this: the New Balance's Fresh Foam 1080v13 delivers one of the most luxurious and cushioned rides for every kind of runner. Yepp. Boasting a Fresh Foam midsole and Hypoknit upper shoe, you’re getting a perfect blend of support, comfort, and flexibility, making it suitable for long training runs and recovery days. What’s not to worship about that?

Adidas Ultraboost 23

There’s no need to dress this one up too much. So to throw it all straight at you, the Adidas Ultraboost 23 offers a combination of style, comfort, and responsiveness that every runner will benefit from. And with its boost midsole technology and updated Primeknit upper, this shoe delivers a lightweight and adaptive fit that keeps you comfortable during every stride, whatever the surface. It’s a winner's shoe. 

On Running Cloud Monster

You might want to put your current sneakers out of sight and mind so that they don’t get offended, because the On Running Cloud Monster is more than your average shoe – it's a whole new species of awesome. That’s probably why they’re our everyday choice for Runna Head Coach, Ben Parker. Imagine you're dashing across a spongy trampoline with the kind of grip that could challenge a mountain goat. That’s what these shoes offer, allowing you to conquer every terrain with style. Plus, they're so sleek that every runner will stop n’ stare. So if you want to outrun your own expectations, the Cloud Monster needs to become your go-to shoe. 


When it comes to finding the best running shoes of 2023, our top picks serve up a range of options that will suit every preference and running style. Whether you prioritize cushioning, speed, grip, or a combination of them all, these shoes are designed to elevate your running experience. Just remember to consider factors such as foot shape, gait, and terrain when selecting the right shoe for you. So lace up, hit the roads or trails, and enjoy miles of smiles. 

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