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Ben Parker

August 16, 2023

The (Almost) Secret Benefits of Running on a Treadmill

There’s something exhilarating about the sound of shoes pounding against the pavement with every stride and the technicality required to take on the trails. It’s challenging, thrilling, different every time and full of little surprises that add to each experience. But there’s a lot to be celebrated when you step into the world of indoor running, where the treadmill reigns supreme.

Runner on treadmill

There’s something exhilarating about the sound of shoes pounding against the pavement with every stride and the technicality required to take on the trails. It’s challenging, thrilling, different every time and full of little surprises that add to each experience. But there’s a lot to be celebrated when you step into the world of indoor running, where the treadmill reigns supreme. 

From the comprehensive feedback to the precision pacing, hitting the hills without any hassle to improving your mental resilience, we're about to reveal some of the surprising benefits that might just make you look at that treadmill in a whole new light, especially as this space is about to get the Runna treatment. For now, though, enjoy these insights (and stay tuned for what promises to be one epic announcement).

Climate Control at Your Command

Rain or shine, the treadmill delivers a weather-proof zone. No battling the elements or adjusting your gear to match the forecast, no dodging raindrops or sweltering under the midday sun. With a treadmill, you're in control of it all. So set your ideal temperature, shield yourself from the elements, and let your run unfold in the sanctuary of a controlled environment. It's you and your run in perfect conditions.

Enjoy The Joint Relief

One of the most unsung benefits of treadmill running is the chance to embrace a forgiving surface and give your joints a break. This is because the cushioned belt offers a softer impact compared to the harsh pavements and roads you’re used to, giving your knees, hips and ankles a bit of a spa day while you get some miles under your belt, even on a long run. Trust us: treadmills can be a real game-changer for your long-term running health.

Pacing, Perfected.

The treadmill isn't just a machine; it's your ultimate pacing companion where precision matters. No more erratic speed changes, treadmills allow you to revel in unwavering consistency. Simply set your desired pace, and watch as the treadmill effortlessly guides you, keeping you on track mile after mile, making sure you maintain your target pace no matter what. So whether you're chasing a personal record or aiming for a steady training run, the treadmill's got your back. No more second-guessing; just pure, precise pacing prowess at your fingertips. Literally.

Hills Without the Hassle

Hill training isn't just about conquering inclines; it's about sculpting yourself into a more robust runner. That’s what those uphill battles are all about. Building leg strength, enhancing cardiovascular endurance, and improving your running form, and treadmill's have got virtual inclines aplenty. And the best part: it makes hill training an absolute breeze as you effortlessly dial up the incline to simulate those challenging climbs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to build leg strength or just prepare for a hilly race, a treadmill's virtual hills will give you an edge. So gear up, adjust that gradient, and let the treadmill transform your indoor run into an ascent-worthy adventure.

Time-Optimized Workouts

Life's busy, we get it. You’re somehow supposed to get 8 hours of sleep, go to work, clean your house, do the grocery shopping, cook healthy meals, eat 30 different whole foods a week, do the laundry, see your friends, get some downtime, do 10,000 steps and a thousand other things.  Luckily, the treadmill offers you a time-efficient workout. Intervals, speedwork, hill climbs, whatever it is, you control the clock, eliminating the need to map out routes or dodge traffic lights. Think of it as your turbo-charged time management partner, ensuring your workouts fit your schedule like a well-worn running shoe.

Are You Not Entertained?

Running isn't just about strides; it's about stories, podcasts, and catching up on your favorite shows. Yepp. The trusty treadmill has the power to transform your workout into an entertainment marathon, where every step is paired with engaging audio or visual delights. Think of it as the ultimate level of multitasking as you dive into podcasts, binge-worthy series, an audiobook adventure or even an Oscar-winning movie. With the treadmill as your stage, every run becomes an entertainment spectacle that keeps you motivated and eagerly anticipating the next episode.

Hydration Heaven

Hydration is one of those things that is essential to your running game. But unlike with a road run where you have to carefully manage your water (or electrolyte) intake, there’s no need to strategize at the treadmill when there’s everything from water fountains to carry bottles around you. Simply set up your very own hydration station within arm's reach and sip on your favorite sports drink without breaking stride.

Safety Sanctuary

In the infamous words of Pineapple Express, “Safety first, then teamwork”. That’s where running indoors has such a big advantage. In a world filled with outdoor variables, the treadmill offers a haven of safety. No traffic, no uneven paths, no trying to navigate unfamiliar areas or worrying about phone signal on the trails, it’s just you and the belt, moving forward in a controlled and secure environment. So whether you're an early morning jogger that loves the darkness before sunrise or an under-the-evening-stars runner, the treadmill is that reliable companion that makes safety the priority.

Comprehensive Progress Tracking

Treadmills might just be the ultimate tracker (especially Smart Treadmills). With built-in tech, they’re able to provide real-time feedback on it all: distance, pace, incline, heart rate and more. Kind of like our best-selling running plans, it's like having a personal running coach right at your side, analyzing, quantifying and reviewing your performance as you go. So whether you're chasing a personal best or simply curious about your progress, treadmills have the ability to transform every run into a dynamic data session that you can then use to your advantage.

Flawless Flat Routes

The best part about running outside is the unexpectedness of it all, especially the climbs and terrains. But sometimes, all you want is a nice, flat, flawless route to enjoy. No surprises, just a consistent, level ground that lets you focus on the miles ahead. That’s what the treadmill is epic at. Eliminating the unexpected stuff, treadmills turn each stride into a reliable rhythm, making it the perfect platform to benchmark your performance and fine-tune your technique.

Mental Mettle Training

Running is not just about physical strength. Running is about mental fortitude, and the treadmill is the ultimate training ground for building that exact unwavering mindset. Embrace the monotony of it all and use it to challenge your focus and determination. With each stride, the treadmill becomes your mental sparring partner, pushing you to break through boredom barriers and emerge with a stronger, more resilient running psyche. Because just as your body strengthens, so does your mind, and the treadmill's your secret weapon for cultivating that unbreakable mental muscle.

To Sum It All Up

And there you have it, the secret benefits of the treadmill. From weather-proofing to data-rich tracking, controlled comfort to mental fortitude training, running on a treadmill serves up the perfect environment for consistency, pacing, entertainment and more. Think of them as a versatile ally in your running journey and may each stride propel you closer to your running aspirations.

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