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8 Obstacle Events Every Runner Needs To Try

These are the best obstacle races to get stuck into...

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If you’re anything like us, you have an addiction. An addiction to running shoes, to running gear and, above it all, the journey itself as you push harder, run faster, go further and watch yourself progress every time you pound the asphalt. But there inevitably comes a time when you get a little bored of the same old roads and races, and find yourself wanting to elevate your running game to new heights beyond that of triathlons and Ironmans and into a whole new realm of running. If that’s you, we've got the answer. Welcome to the world of Obstacle Events

From mud-soaked madness to adrenaline-pumping feats, these races are designed to test your physical prowess, mental grit, and camaraderie spirit. So, lace up those shoes, get your game face on, and get ready to tackle the ultimate challenge with these 8 epic obstacle events that every runner must try. Let’s get it:

Tough Mudder

The Granddaddy of All Obstacle Races

We can't have a list of obstacle races without mentioning the OG, Tough Mudder. From its legendary mud pits to its infamous obstacles, like Kiss of Mud, Mudderhorn, Everest and Electroshock Therapy, these races are a test of your resilience and team spirit. From the Arctic Enema to the Everest obstacle, be prepared to push your limits and emerge stronger than ever before. And the best part: you can get stuck into any distance you like; 5K, 10K, 15K and even an endurance option. Get ready to shake up your usual run with something epic. 

Spartan Race

Conquer the Beast Within

Time to unleash your inner Spartan warrior and take on the infamous Spartan Race. Simply pick a distance, from the Sprint to the Ultra, let out a guttural scream and head into the maze of punishing obstacles where you’ll be pushed to the brink. Scale walls, crawl under barbed wire, and carry heavy sandbags in an epic test of strength, speed, and mental fortitude. But with a fierce sense of camaraderie among every participant, it’s safe to say this race is all about embracing the Spartan spirit and emerging as a triumphant conqueror alongside everyone else. It’s time to become unbreakable. 

Rugged Maniac

Mud, Music, and Mayhem

For those who like their obstacles with a side of party, Rugged Maniac is the place to be. Combining a 5K race with a festival atmosphere, this event boasts “25+ epically fun obstacles” that will have you crawling through mud, bouncing on trampolines, leaping over flames like an old school daredevil and remembering what it’s like to live as a big kid. And in case that’s not enough, the fun doesn't stop when you cross the finish line. No way. Because, after the run is the after party, and mud is a part of the dress code. So stick around for the live music and DJs, the cold brews, wild dance moves, and an unforgettable celebration of your victorious conquest.

Savage Race

Unleash Your Savage Side

Brace yourself for a savage adventure that will put your strength, agility and running ability to the test at The Savage Race. With over 27 obstacles staggered across a 7 mile course, this mix of classic and unique challenges will leave you both breathless and hungry for more. And with names like "Colossus" and "Sawtooth," you can expect a wild ride that will challenge your skills and ignite your competitive spirit. But here’s the best part, you can kickstart your Savage Journey on their Blitz course, which hosts 15 to 20 obstacles over a 3 mile course. The question is: are you savage enough to tackle this adrenaline-pumping race?

Muddy Princess

Empowering Women to Conquer

Ladies, this one's for you. Muddy Princess is more than just a race; it's a celebration of female empowerment and camaraderie. Designed for women of all fitness levels, this event is about pushing boundaries and breaking barriers, girl power, badass bonding and memory making. Set over a 5K mud-packed course, these events are held all over the US, with your finish time irrelevant as you run, walk, crawl, climb, slide, balance and laugh every step of the way, as you support and uplift each other on this thrilling journey. Embrace your strength, embrace your grace, and show the world what Muddy Princesses are made of.

Rugged Races

The Ultimate Family Adventure

Family runs are epic, family adventures are even better. That’s what the legends behind Rugged Races do best. We’re talking about events like the "Rugged Maniac Jr." and "The Dragon Run," races that kids and adults can tackle together on age-appropriate obstacles. Safe and exciting, fun and thrilling, these events are about one thing: building lasting memories and forever bonds as you navigate a world of inflatable obstacles on scaled-down versions of the full-fat races. Laughter, teamwork and, of course, plenty of mud.

Terrain Race

A Festival of Obstacles

Jump, climb, roll, crawl and anything else it takes to make your way through this one-of-a-kind obstacle course where the festival atmosphere follows you every huff n’ puff along the way. Think live music, food trucks, good vibes, high fives and a plethora of heart-pounding obstacles to conquer. This is more than just a run, this is a true test of your agility as you take on obstacles like the "Slippery Summit" and "Barricade Breakdown." Just don’t sweat it too much because this one is all about reveling in the party atmosphere that permeates this event from start to finish. Welcome to Terrain Race.

Conquer the Gauntlet

Test Your Grit

Possibly the most extreme 4 miles on the planet, Conquer The Gauntlet is a no-frills, crazy-intense, obstacle experience that winds through grueling terrain as you attempt to conquer over 25 of the largest, most unique, and challenging obstacles on earth. With a reputation for tough, no-nonsense challenges, this race will push you to your limits. Facts. So get ready to get your scream on, pump your legs, run hard between obstacles and take on the likes of "Stairway to Heaven" and "The Pegatron" as you tap into your mental and physical grit. This is not just about finishing; this is about embracing the challenge and conquering your fears.

To Sum It All Up

From mud-soaked mayhem to fierce warrior challenges, these races are about testing your limits, your running ability and your mental strength as you bond with every other thrill-seeker on the course. They’re about unleashing your inner athlete. So whether you're a seasoned obstacle veteran or a first-time warrior, these events promise to serve up a heart-pounding adventure that will leave you feeling empowered and accomplished. Now lace up those shoes, prepare for the unexpected, and dive headfirst into the adrenaline-pumping world of obstacle racing. On your marks, get set, conquer.

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