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The Runner's Guide To Getting More Out of The Treadmill

It's time to level up your treadmill game...

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In the world of running and runners, the treadmill has plummeted a few places down the pecking order, and we kind of get it. When you have the option of pounding the pavement, getting down n’ dirty on the trails, doing laps of a track or chasing the sunset on a smooth stretch of asphalt, the idea of running indoors can kind of be scoffed at. But before you completely write-off the “dreadmill” – or pop it in the column labeled “rainy day training plan” – in the right hands (or, more accurately, legs), the benefits of a treadmill make it one seriously epic training tool

Think of it as a training ground where precision and power team up. So whether you’re a newbie runner that prefers to be in the gym, or you’re looking to clock up treadmill miles in a new environment, it’s time to strap on those sneakers and extract maximum value from your treadmill runs with this ultimate guide.

We're talking technique tweaks, pacing perfection, incline innovation, and more to help inspire your runs every time you step onto the belt. Trust us: what treadmills lack in panoramic views, they make up for in plenty of other ways.

The Art of Treadmill Running

Form and Function

There’s only one place to start and that’s with the basics of running form. Yepp. Just because you're racking up the miles on a treadmill doesn't mean form gets to go out the window. Instead, this is the perfect time to perfect your posture and run with mindfulness. Stand tall, engage your core, keep your arms relaxed but purposeful, don't lean too far forward, and try to find that sweet spot where you're not overstriding or hunching over. Basically, it’s super-im portant to remember that, even on a stationary surface, your running technique matters.

Pacing Prowess

Keeping the Beat Steady

The way we see it, pacing is the undeniable heartbeat of a successful run. And on the treadmill, you're in complete control. It’s your chance to experiment with different speeds until you find a pace that’s perfect for you; a pace that's challenging yet sustainable. But don’t stop there because you can also get adventurous with other pace training, such as intervals (where you alternate between faster and slower speeds), which will help improve your performance. Whatever you choose, pacing on a treadmill is like having a metronome at your service, so make every step count.

Cracking the Incline Code

The Ups and Downs of Training

For those runners that think hills are reserved for the great outdoors, it’s time to stand corrected because we can conquer inclines while indoors too. Instead of letting that incline button gather dust, try adjusting your incline to a) mimic the outdoor terrain and b) fire up different muscle groups to boost your running game. A gentle incline simulates a breezy outdoor jog, while steeper grades replicate mountainous climbs, giving you the perfect playground to embrace some variety; switching up the inclines to keep your body guessing and your progress soaring.  

Spoiler alert: our new treadmill feature will allow you to set all of this on your app for the ultimate hands-free experience. 

Master The Mental Game

Combatting Treadmill Boredom

Let's address the elephant on the treadmill – boredom. Montonany. Tedium. Indifference. They’re all words that can suck your passion and energy out of the room. But fear not because there are some tips and tricks to help you avoid treadmill boredom. We’re talking about setting clear goals for each session (whether it's a distance milestone or a speed target), creating killer playlists, queuing up the perfect podcasts to keep you engaged, popping on that new Netflix show you’re acutely addicted to, or even channeling your inner storyteller by imagining you're running through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. Do this and you’ll find those minutes flying by.

Hydration and Fueling

The Treadmill's Hidden Allies

Packing or a traditional in-the-elements run comes with the usual prep as you gather up the gear, gels, snacks and water. But just because you're taking to the belt instead doesn't mean you're off the hydration hook. No way. In fact, you’ll want to keep that water bottle nearby, and take regular sips to replace any lost fluids from your sweat-session. As for fuel, it's not just outdoor runners who need to manage their energy levels. So if you're logging a longer session, make sure to grab a mid-run snack and possibly a gel or something to keep you energized and feeling strong for your time on the treadmill.

Visualizing Race Day

Mental Training on the Treadmill

Treadmills are not all about counting down the minutes and keeping an eye on your physical gains; they’re epic for your mental training too. They’re your chance to practice pushing through the dreaded wall in a (possibly) uninspiring place, and picture yourself in a race setting, the crowd whooping and cheering as you hunt down the finish line. That’s the secret sauce of treadmill training: building up the mental fortitude that'll carry you through those final heart-pounding, body-aching, leg-destroying race miles, as you focus on your breath, keep your mind steady, and manifest the result you’ve been working toward. 

Sprint Sessions

Unleash the Speed Demon Within

Treadmill sprint sessions are your ticket to improving speed and endurance on your future runs. Starting with a thorough warm up, it’s then time to unleash your inner speed demon, sprinting for short bursts of around 30 seconds to a minute, before recovering with a steady walk or light jog. Not only will these kinds of speed sessions build up your explosive power and boost your overall running speed, they’ll also add a dash of thrill to your treadmill routine, breaking up the tedium and giving you a great base to analyze your progress.

Tracking and Tech

Harnessing Data for Progress

Running has always been our passion, but we also have a serious nerdiness that has allowed us to build the number one personalized running plans app. After all, running and tech go together like ultramarathons and black toenails, and the treadmill is right up there with the pack leaders, especially smart treadmills. We’re talking about interactive touchscreens, personalized training programs, live classes, virtual landscapes, immersive coaching, and built-in tracking that delves into distance, time, pace, heart rate, and more. So for all you running nerds out there, treadmills offer a dynamic, data-rich experience that will keep you engaged, motivated, and on track towards your goals. 

Variety is the Spice

Mixing Up Your Treadmill Routine

With our new treadmill feature, we made a pact to banish boredom from your training by making it super-easy to switch up your routine regularly without even having to think about it. Simply connect your app to the smart treadmill, press play on your next session and enjoy the variety as you alternate between interval runs, hill climbs, and longer steady-state sessions. Challenge yourself with pyramid workouts, starting easy, increasing intensity as you go, and then tapering back down to keep your body guessing and your mind engaged. It’s all about getting more out of your time on the treadmill.

Cool Down and Stretching

Showing Your Muscles Love

As the belt slows down, it’s your chance to enjoy a steady end to your workout, gradually decreasing your pace to a brisk walk before hopping off. So instead of skimping on your cooldowns, you’re engaging in a thorough cooldown (and stretch) that will enhance your recovery. It’s about treating your muscles to some post-run love with a cooldown that targets your legs, hips, and lower back. Trust us: your body will thank you with a whole lot less soreness and whole lot more flexibility.

To Sum It All Up

Elevate Your Treadmill Triumphs

And there we have it: the keys to unlock a world of precise training that focuses on proper form, detailed pacing, incline ingenuity, and a splash of creativity. No longer just a static conveyor belt in a city center building, the treadmill has been transformed into your very own podium of progress where you can master the art of running in a safe and controlled environment. So embrace the sweat, embrace the grind, and let the treadmill propel you toward your next running goal. 

Thanks for reading our blog on how to get more out of your treadmill sessions. For more running insights, inspirations, stories and techniques, follow us on Instagram to take your runs to the next level.

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